Sense of Here

the feeling and knowing of place
walking, art and discussions shining a light on the natural world and considering the mix of issues that affect every here of everywhere

local and global are always connected
this project radiates from the Lake District to the world beyond

SENSE OF HERE brings exploration of the outdoors together with consideration of land use and environmental care. It’s about taking time to pause, to feel the wonder and pleasure that can come from being outside, and listening to different views and opinions about one fundamental issue that’s critical at this time of climate change and biodiversity decline: the need for an enhanced environment that supports natural ecosystems and thriving human cultures. 

Where is your ‘here’? Does green and open space matter to you? People from across the UK and beyond are SHARING VIEWS about the environment and access to open spaces in their local area, and about what’s valuable – and vulnerable – in The Lake District. This is England’s most visited National Park, and it’s our local area, our ‘here’. We’ll be clocking the place, month-by-month through 2019, and sharing images and reflections from our walks through out BLOG.

Imagine the Lake District National Park as a clock face, centred on The Under Helm Sycamore near Grasmere, with 12 hourly segments of 30-degrees each. We’ll move round the area month by month with a series of walks and a wild camp on each transect line. And each month we delve into an issue that’s part of the fabric of this place, and is relevant in many other areas: the issues include soil, water, trees, communities, tourism and farming. HERE’S THE PLAN

The land is a canvas, loved, celebrated, used and altered. The Lake District has inspired writers and artists for centuries, people who not only celebrate the place, but reflect on it to pose pressing questions. Each month in 2019 we’ll place our CANVAS outside, just for a few hours. The slow reveal of words offers a prompt for an alternative way of looking and seeing, and triggers questions and new poetry. WATCH ITS PROGRESS

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