We’re great fans of paper maps and wouldn’t ever throw these out, but a digital map can reveal things a paper map cannot. Listen in, watch the light change, read some raw notes to get a flavour of what we’re encountering through the year, and add your own stories to the growing map.

Mapping the feeling of place: 12 months of Lake District walks

Throughout 2019 we will be tracking our walks, segment by segment, month by month, and transferring these tracks to the digital map (in development and coming to this site soon). Pins along the way will give glimpses to what’s on the ground, and an insight into the feeling of place – images, poetry, audio and video clips. As soon as the map is ready we will post a link to it here.

Mapping the place you call home: your map

The Sense of Here mapping extends beyond the Lake District to gather views from elsewhere about how it feels to be home, a sense of community, and the importance of having access to green, open space. You can take a look at the map here to see what others are sharing about their home place, their connection to the Lake District (if indeed they have any), and their thoughts about opportunities and challenges going forwards. To add your own stories, go straight to the questionnaire or visit our Data of the Heart page to find out more.

Map reading in the Lake District

In 2020 we will be collating the comments and stories that have been posted, and feeding them into the Sense of Here exhibition and book. We’ll also be sharing what we find with organisations that are charged with caring for the Lake District National Park, and national parks further afield: every voice matters.

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