The three-four o’clock segment (90-120 degrees), running out from the Under Helm Sycamore. Browse the map to explore what’s in the area.


The fells in this segment, closest to the Under Helm Sycamore, rise from the valleys cut through by Rydal Beck and Scandale Beck. Kirkstone Pass reaches its highest point and the section of road known as The Struggle climbs steeply up to meet it. Further away, the Kent and Sprint rivers have their sources, and flow down through Kentmere and Longsleddale, eventually to send their waters through Kendal, further south. Beyond the A6 the 2016 extension of the Lake District National Park takes in the quiet Borrowdale Valley, with its wildflower meadows, before finding its edge beside the M6. The Yorkshire Dales National Park has its western edge on the other side of the motorway.  


The days will be drawing out by April, so our walks will be longer and we’ll be hoping for warmer weather. There can still be snow in April though, so we won’t be packing up our thermals. 

The April Issue ~ Wellbeing

We almost always feel better for time outdoors, away from built-up areas, with the elements full in our faces, and a big sky above. We know many other people who feel the same. There are so many studies that prove the beneficial effects that time outdoors, in green and open spaces, can have on health; even without studies you might know this from your own experience. In the heart of Britain’s most visited National Park we’ll be considering the relationship between time outdoors, in nature, and spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. As with the other issues we’ve chosen to enquire into, we’ll be feeding what we learn into the book, due to be published in September 2020.

Walking, Camping & the Canvas

For more detail on where we’ve been walking and camping, and the installation of the April Canvas, check the April blog posts or type ‘April’ into the search box to see what comes up.

Trout Beck Alder in early Spring


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