Sense of Here

The Light of Things – Residency Reflections

What impact can an artist residency have? How might it change views of landscape, and affect artistic development? This short film shares some reflections …

Lines in the landscape

To continue reflections on the residency in September, here is Hugo Hunt, sharing his thoughts. Hugo uses 35mm film in his photography, but it’s not just about the images. Behind every image is a process of seeing. His… Read More

On returning to Grizedale

During the residency with us in September, Anna was perhaps most impacted by our time in Grizedale, a place she already had associations with. In her blog, she shares what this means for her, and the key issues… Read More

I think I hear the hills

Following on from the ‘Into the Light of Things’ residency that we ran in September, we’re sharing a second blog from the series that is being contributed by the residents. Emmie Coxey used the time to explore ideas… Read More

The Light of Things: One Sentence, Two Problems and an Unexpected Shift

… smaller than some elementsmaller than the elementsa connection to deathor riska caterpillar can be as wildas a storm …

Making Sense of Here – after the residency

Phew, what a week. This is a very brief blog on the first Sense of Here residency, something that’s hard to sum up and in fact is about the sowing of seeds, the beginnings of ideas and the… Read More

Unseen Connections floating book

Sense of Here 2019 Residents Selected!

We were completely taken aback by the quality of applications that came in for the forthcoming residency, The Light of Things : Making Sense of Here. It’s not easy making a selection when you’re faced so many applications… Read More