The May Canvas

Memory and hope … So much hinges on these two things as we look back, and move forward mindful of the care this landscape needs.

The canvas in front of trees near Tongue Head barn

April Canvas

Moment is a place in land and a place in time for now, this is my choice: just to sit and be

Making notes from below Harter Fell as the cloud swirls to reveal Kentmere Reservoir

March Camp

We have been blanketed in cloud, wetted through, walking within a multi-directional wetting. We headed downhill to seek a ghyll with a fresh flow of water, and all of a sudden the clouds lifted, danced in front of… Read More

Canvas in the woods seen with a long lens

The March Canvas

Sensing the cold (and the not quite so cold)

Recording the temperature across Cumbria – preparing to place sensors to monitor temperature throughout 2019.

sundew flowers in Wasdale

Everything is connected

John Muir: on the ways of nature

Dec 9, 2018 Around the central point

To begin Sense of Here we take a circular walk around the central point of the Lake District clock face on a crisp December day.

Sense of Here - original plans in the Big Book detail

Dec 7, 2018 – Beginnings

Sense of Here – the first steps of preparation, and getting ready to go out.