Sense of Here
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Bringing the Data Home

January 1st, 2020 “The first day of January: a new year, a new decade, and here we are beneath a sky that’s a drift of racing clouds, wind blowing at us from the Scafell massif. Despite the cold… Read More

November canvas

Fog has curled and settled itself in the valleys, locking the low land into a monochrome hush. We drive in it, and then through it, emerging to see mountains floating above a clouded land. We’ve come to Whinlatter… Read More

Making notes outside the tent after dark

The February Camp

A camp just for one night takes us a long way out of the normal counting of days. Each camp is a journey – the settling into a rhythm, the tug of walking up hill, the sensation of… Read More

Tick Tock January Canvas Sense of Here

time passes like a wolf sleeping under a white sky