Sense of Here

A Long Walk Through a Poem

A long walk in the Lake District: 16 days and 258km to complete a circuit linking landscapes, poetry and points of view.

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Bringing the Data Home

January 1st, 2020 “The first day of January: a new year, a new decade, and here we are beneath a sky that’s a drift of racing clouds, wind blowing at us from the Scafell massif. Despite the cold… Read More

Prepping tea and soaking up the last rays of the sun

Storms and one-eyed frogs

July 23, 4pm It’s hot, very hot. Must be 25 degrees or more, the sun is burning, there’s barely any wind and we’re wet with sweat. We’ve just set off from Elterwater to begin our ascent through the… Read More

Making notes outside the tent after dark

The February Camp

A camp just for one night takes us a long way out of the normal counting of days. Each camp is a journey – the settling into a rhythm, the tug of walking up hill, the sensation of… Read More

Dec 9, 2018 Around the central point

To begin Sense of Here we take a circular walk around the central point of the Lake District clock face on a crisp December day.