Sense of Here

A Long Walk Through a Poem

A long walk in the Lake District: 16 days and 258km to complete a circuit linking landscapes, poetry and points of view.

Putting your local on the map

One of the impacts of the enforced state of confinement during a state of lockdown across the country is the way that our attention has been brought more keenly to the local. While there are many people whose… Read More

The Light of Things – Residency Reflections

What impact can an artist residency have? How might it change views of landscape, and affect artistic development? This short film shares some reflections …

What Can Change

The light is changing from moment to moment, fast clouds skitting across the sun, and the sun itself sinking with that rapidity that characterises the days now, so close to midwinter. One moment the canvas is bright, the… Read More

October Canvas: Each Act Matters

Voices travel featherlight on the wind, like a kind of music, and then drift off and the air is a tumble of water once more, the chill of October edging in on the tail end of the year…. Read More