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Looking down on to Hause Farm with Howe Grain beyond

Data of the Heart

Having time to be among the elements is good for health and wellbeing, as is a feeling of being loved by people around you. How do views about the feeling of place and emotional connection to it feed into local and national policy decisions. How do we value a sense of place? Join hundreds of others to share your ‘sense of here’. What matters to you?

Visit the interactive map

Click on the blue dots in this map to read some of the feelings and stories people have shared. Zoom in and out and, if you’d like, take a tour of the world.

Add your own voice and contribute to the debate about how we value and care for green and open spaces by clicking the button below. Your own blue dot will appear on the map.

What happens to the map and the stories?

Through bringing voices together we want to highlight the interconnectivity between us all, and, particularly where strong points of view are shared, to challenge the status quo and see new opportunities for the future of the National Park and other green and open spaces.

The answers and stories shared through this questionnaire will feed into our conversations with people who join us for public walks and our work with school children, with artists who join our residency programme, and with the young people who will be devising and leading the Sense of Here young people’s symposium (more on all these here). And what is contributed will influence our artwork and will become part of the exhibition and book in 2020. 

We will share our findings (but no personal details) with the Sense of Here project partners; some are at the heart of policy and planning in the Lake District, some are involved in decisions about environmental management, tourism, arts and culture. And what we learn will come into the discussions we’re lucky enough to join around the country with a range of groups focusing on issues of environmental resilience and rural cultures. Perhaps there will be a butterfly effect. Although no one thing on its own can change the world, you never know what the impact of a story shared can be.

GDPR, the Privacy stuff and a Prize Draw

The answers you provide may be viewed by others, but we won’t share your name or any of your personal details with any third parties. Ever. As you fill in the questionnaire you can add as much or as little as you like. When we share answers, it will never involve disclosing any private details.

We do like to spread the love and stay in touch, so the questionnaire gives you the chance to leave your email address: with this we can send you occasional updates about the project and you will be part of a prize draw – prizes are an original piece of artwork, and a day’s walk in a Lake District location of your choice for you and up to 5 other people. If you sign up and decide you don’t want the news updates, it’s easy to opt in or out on the form as you go.

Data of the Heart
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