Sense of Here

Exhibition News!

We’re so very excited to be in the final stages of preparation for the Sense of Here exhibition. Given the uncertainty of events this year, we’re delighted that we are able to share work from the project in… Read More

Lines in the landscape

To continue reflections on the residency in September, here is Hugo Hunt, sharing his thoughts. Hugo uses 35mm film in his photography, but it’s not just about the images. Behind every image is a process of seeing. His… Read More

October Canvas: Each Act Matters

Voices travel featherlight on the wind, like a kind of music, and then drift off and the air is a tumble of water once more, the chill of October edging in on the tail end of the year…. Read More

Feel it in your heart

September 7 2019 I’m sitting beside Wastwater, looking at the canvas and the land beyond it where the sheer rocky screes tumble into the lake. I’m still, and quiet, simply watching the play of cloud shadows on hills.

A darkening sky to the west. The start of the storm rolling in

Storm at 414 metres

Storm at 414 metres N54° 25.807′  W3° 04.742′ in the black pitch of our tent we have entered the breathed-out silence of a sleep that floats on moss and mountain air