The one-two o’clock segment (30-60 degrees) running out from the Under Helm Sycamore. Browse the map (coming soon) to explore the area.


This section takes in the high ground of Seat Sandal and Fairfield, the beautiful Dovedale valley, Patterdale, Glenridding and the long stretch of Ullswater, before opening out to Pooley Bridge, the Askham fells, and Penrith. 


February can be a cruel month, sluggishly and stubbornly holding on to winter gloom as if dragging its heels. Let’s see what it has in store for us. 

The February Issue ~ Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Lake District is celebrated for its beauty, as the birthplace of the conservation movement, for its hill farming culture, and as an area that has inspired artists and writers for centuries. The landscape has been sculpted by natural forces, with lakes, tarns and valleys revealing the legacy of glaciers, and has been shaped by the people who’ve settled and made their lives here. Each of its many valleys has its own distinct character, and there are stories told by the land everywhere you look.

We’ll be walking with this heritage in mind, looking back over the history that has brought us to this point, and looking forward, with the help of people who are closely involved in the region’s status as a World Heritage Site. What does this mean and where are we going now? What do you think? If you’d like to share your thoughts on this please get in touch; you can also take part in the Sense of Here questionnaire and share what’s important to you, adding your thoughts to the evolving map.

Follow this link to read our thoughts on Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Walking, Camping & the Canvas

February news, including our camp and the installation of the canvas, will be in the blog posts: just type ‘February’ into the Search box and you can take your pick of what to read.

Helvellyn massif viewed across Angle Tarn
Helvellyn massif viewed across Angle Tarn


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