Sensing the cold (and the not quite so cold)

Sense of Here is a journey of enquiry into multiple senses of place, and we want to gather information in a variety of ways. So when we were offered the use of a set of Tiny Tags to monitor temperature, we jumped at the chance.

Today we programmed the tiny sensors, and tomorrow, with the Under Helm Sycamore as the central point, we will be setting out to place one monitor at each of the cardinal points. 

They will start making their recordings at sundown, 3.55pm, on January 1st, 2019, and will take a temperature reading every 20 minutes for a year. At the end of the year we’ll have a look at the data we’ve collected, talk it through with some of the data scientists who are among the Ensemble team at Lancaster University and see what the results reveal about differences depending on altitude, and about temperatures relative to previous years. Will 2019 be another ‘warm’ year? Will records be broken?

While the  monitors are recording their own very specific information, our walks will take us through the elements, through rains, winds, snow, frosts and sunny days. Our task at the end of the year’s recording will be to bring together multiple elements of the same place, using temperature graphs alongside personal, emotional and physical reflections on the landscape. 

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