from this small place, a window onto a bigger picture

Sunrise from Dollywaggon Pike in a cold wind

This is one of our favourite images from a sunrise walk to the summit of Dollywagon Pike, looking across to the ridge of Helvellyn, and the pointed top of Catsycam. Being out there, no one else in sight, the light slowly changing on the snow-covered hills, is a very special thing. Somehow it makes us feel even smaller, just two specks in a land dominated by rock and snow and a biting wind.

We’re brought directly into the present moment, partly by the act of taking care not to slip – or be blown over – and partly by the wonder of the scene in front of us.

In this project we’re keen to get a physical and emotional sense of the local space around us: the smallest place where our own feet are planted, the immediate environment of a fell, a river or a wood and the relatively small area of this national park – from the top of the fells you can often see its edges. Then we zoom our thinking out, beyond this park, beyond this county, and beyond this island, to the way that issues that are significant here also crop up in other places … and how, ultimately, each action impacts its own place, and sends ripples out to the wider world.

Pre-dawn light on the trees filled with birdsong

2 Comments on “from this small place, a window onto a bigger picture

  1. Dollywagon and Nethermost ridges are our favourite ridges; very few people go there! and we can see Nethermost from our kitchen window. Mike and Marian.


    • A view of Nethermost from your kitchen window is not bad at all. I (Harriet) have only been up there in snowy conditions, and never met anyone else there. One of these days I will walk there in spring or summer to find out how it feels without the freezing wind!


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