January Canvas

Pegging down the January Canvas in the snow

Landscape layered through time: the forming of mountains, erosion of rock, the rise and fall of sheepfolds, the opening of tormentil, the play of ravens …

and never the same cloud twice. 

Tick Tock January Canvas Sense of Here

tick, tock
white sky white land white light
a snipe takes flight, 
feathered stone and snow

tick, tock
the sky is blue, for seconds,
and everything changes
then winter’s sleep returns
and all is black and white

and all is black and white:
rock and snow and sky
the fall of land
the lying low of clouds
the slow tick
of change

the tick, the tock, of time
resting as a wolf
under a veiled sun

Tick Tock Canvas in place in the snow, black letters on white, and all the landscape white

tick tock time poem
Packing away Tick Tock canvas

Read the blog about installing the January Canvas here.

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