November Canvas


We have spent some time carefully choosing a site for the canvas, and it is now in place. There’s no wind, and little to challenge us today. It’s easy now to pause. A pause that allows for the noticing of sounds – not the traffic of the A595, which is constant and slightly irritating – but the few birds that send chits and pheweets into the air, and the stillness of the wood. Even with the traffic there is a quality here of stillness. I pause here with the sun warming my back, and watch the shadows shift. 


I stand with these words as if they are an invitation. My mind drifts to think of woods as places for stories, for magic, for fear, for inspiration. But I’m not here to imagine a fictional story or create a fanciful character. I’m most concerned about the way imagination helps us, individually and collectively, to move forwards from a place where the health of the natural world is in decline: to replace the present with something better.

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